IFF is calling you...what's this about?

IFF is calling you...what's this about?

Wednesday, 15 December 2021

If you get a call from a company called IFF, don’t worry, it's not a scam. It's on behalf of B3Living.



This week we're launching our customer satisfaction survey carried out by IFF. They're a research company, and they make sure we get independent, honest feedback.

250 customers have been selected at random for a call asking for feedback on our customer service. Please let us reassure you that this is a real service and not about marketing. All we'd like from you is a quick chat about how you feel about B3Living. 



We want to hear more from customers like you, in your own words, about how we're doing. Tell us what's going well and what could be better.

IFF will not ask for your personal information. 

If someone calls asking you to give your personal information, please be vigilant. Click here for more advice on how to avoid scams.

At B3Living, we are genuinely interested in what you think. You can read more about how your feedback changes the way we do things - click here. We believe knowing more about our customers helps us make better decisions.

So, your input is essential. IFF is an independent company and your comments will be anonymous. Feel free to be honest about your experiences.


If you don't want to be involved in surveys like this, that's ok. You can always opt out via your myB3Living account (go to the 'Menu' and change your details) or you can contact us.