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Our Journey

We are a local housing association that wants to be part of the local community we work in.

We were set up in January 2006 after a tenant-supported stock transfer. Over 4000 homes were transferred from the Borough of Broxbourne. By the end of January 2011 we had delivered on all our promises to our stakeholders,within the timescales agreed.

In 2012 we decided it was time to change our name from Broxbourne Housing Association to something that reflected our values, B3Living. “B3” is aboutbetter homes, better communities and better business; and “Living” represents that we’re about providing a place for people to prosper and be part of the community. In the same year we also set up our own Direct Labour Organisation (DLO) to deliver our repairs in-house – giving us real value for money. Not only are we saving money, but we’re improving quality and satisfaction with the service.

Currently we are the largest provider of social housing in the Broxbourne area, owning and managing over 4,500 properties in Hertfordshire and Essex.

In order to provide a quality housing service that meets the needs and demands of residents, we have an experienced and trained Board of Directors and Executive team to lead the organisation. We employ over 190 staff, led by Joe Chambers. We look for people who are skilled, personable, and above all are committed to social housing and our residents.

We also are part of a national network of housing associations, the Placeshapers group. Collectively we work to promote the value of working locally, putting residents at the heart of business, and the importance of strong communities - regardless of size.