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We have made changes to the way we process refunds

We have made changes to the way we process refunds

We have changed the way we process refunds, to stop accounts going into arrears once a refund has been requested.  

Because there is a cost incurred each time a refund is processed, there will now be an administration fee to process all refund requests.

What are administration charges?

These are one-off charges to cover our costs when you ask us to do certain things for you. They are not for the usual everyday services that all residents receive.

When do I pay administration charges?

We can ask you to pay an administration charge if you;

  • ask for our approval to do something under your lease or tenancy, for example, when you ask to make an improvement to your home, ask for permission to sublet or assign your property or carry out improvements.
  • ask us to give you specific information or reissue documents such as copies of tenancies or documents from your housing file.
  • fail to make a payment, for example, a missed or declined payment
  • breach your lease or tenancy.

The changes to refunds are as follows:

  1. Any refunds requested from any current property rent account or garage account will need to allow for a credit of one week’s rent or charge to remain on the account as per the terms of your tenancy and garage license agreements.
  2. Any requests for refunds should not cause your account to go into arrears.
  3. Refund requests will not consider any ongoing Housing Benefit/Universal Credit claim which we may be receiving on your behalf to subsidise your rent payments. For example, where you request a refund of £100 but your account only shows a credit of £50 and you make this request knowing there is an expected future payment of HB/UC of £100.
  4. After any refund, your account must still have a credit of a week’s full rent on your account.
  5. Any requests for a refund of less than a week’s rent won’t be eligible for a refund, again irrespective of whether we receive any UC/HB payments on your behalf.
  6. All refund requests will be subject to a £10 admin fee. When processing a refund request on your behalf the admin fee will be taken into consideration when processing the total refund amount, i.e. a request of £100 will result in a refund of £90. 
  7. If a credit on an account is as a result of a backdated claim for Universal Credit/Housing Benefit, the admin fee will be waived.