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Joe Chambers to trek the Atlas Mountains to raise money for children with cancer

Joe Chambers to trek the Atlas Mountains to raise money for children with cancer

Our very own CEO Joe Chambers and a group of senior executives has chosen to take on the challenge of trekking the Atlas Mountains in Morocco in support of children with cancer in developing countries.

The 15-strong group will summit North Africa’s tallest peak, Jebel Trobkal, in a four-day trek this April, to raise £80,000 to support one of nine programmes run by World Child Cancer for an entire year.

The charity has proven the success of increasing childhood cancer survival rates from as low as 20% to over 60%, and Joe hopes that this fundraising challenge will give more children with cancer the gift of growing up.

Joe had this to say about the trek:

“I’m taking part in the trek because there are small children all over the world dying needlessly of cancer. By raising funds and awareness, I know we can make a real difference.”

Also taking on the trek in World Child Cancer’s Chief Executive, Jon Rosser:

“When visiting our programmes, it’s impossible not to be acutely aware that the help we are able to offer is way below the need that exists. My greatest priority as Chief Executive is to increase the amount of money we raise to ensure we save more lives. This trek is a fantastic opportunity to do this and stop more of the 300,000 children who develop cancer each year from dying unnecessarily.”

You can support Joe and his fellow trekkers by visiting the team’s fundraising page: