Fire safety in your home

Fire safety in your home

Fires are rare. But it’s still important to prepare for one, just in case. If something happened, you don’t want to be going to Google to find out what to do!

If there’s a fire in YOUR home…

  1. Leave the building
  2. Close all doors behind you
  3. Call 999.

If there’s a fire SOMEWHERE ELSE in the building…

Stay in your home.

Your instincts might tell you to run, but unless the smoke is affecting you, let the Fire Services come to you. If the smoke becomes a problem, leave the building immediately.

The reason the Fire Services ask you to stay put are:

  • If you stay in your home, with doors / windows shut – the closed doors should protect you while the Fire Services come to you.
  • Keeping all the doors shut may help to delay the spread of a fire.
  • Firefighters need the hallways and stairwells clear to do their job safely – this avoids panic while they are putting out the fire.

HOWEVER - If there's a fire, we recommend that people who live in the following blocks should evacuate:

  • Melbourne Court
  • Holdbrook
  • any of our Independent Living schemes

For extra reassurance about fire safety in your home, we recommend that you:

  1. Test your smoke alarm
  2. Check your electrical appliances, particularly chargers manufactured outside the UK.
  1. Please double-check your front door, which should close automatically. The front door is designed to stop the spread of fire. We know it is tempting to undo the door closers, but they are very important. You must never remove or tamper with any part of your front door or the door closer.
  2. Close your internal doors when you go to sleep.
  3. Think about what you will do if there is a fire in your home. Consider the fastest way out, who may need help to get out, and how you will raise the alarm in your home. Also ensure you think about how to call the Fire service should you need to.
  4. Make sure you have contents insurance.